Thursday, May 19, 2011


My mother loves to put photos in photo albums, photo boxes, frames--you name it. My dad and stepmom love to take photos...that tend to live forever on their memory cards. My aunt loves to scrapbook and is religious about archiving photos in adorable ways.

Me...well, I'm sort of a combination of them all. I love to take photos (though TH is better at taking them) and I'm not too bad about getting them printed. I'm just "okay" with getting them into frames. But--really, what I have is a bunch of pictures of LM on my camera, phone, computer and in a pile of prints on the dining room table.

I don't want all of my memories of LM to be in a format where they can easily disappear. They can't live on my computer forever. So today, fueled with a fairly good night's sleep and a big mug of coffee, I've started organizing and uploading my photos.

I am going to make a photo book. To me, photo albums themselves are too archaic and then you have original prints that can easily be destroyed. I love the idea of making photo books to chronicle LM's journey through life.

Unfortunately, I've hit a creative wall.  I can't decide how to group things.  I could make a book of newborn photos--hospital photos, visitors, first few weeks at home etc.  I could make one for the first three months (we're super close). Or maybe I should be trying to make one that I add to for the first year.  I just don't know. I've hit a wall. I know there's only like five people that read this blog so while I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have, I'm also hoping that just typing this all out lets my brain work it out. You know--like sleeping on a problem.

Until I can bust through the wall...I'll just keep fiddling with  But--at least that's one step further than I was yesterday! Hurray progress!


  1. I try to keep them in chronological order - first visit w/grandma, going home from the hospital, first visit with my dad, etc. I want to be able to look through it like I would a slideshow, see how he's changing. Of course, mine are all on my computer right now. I'm terrible about putting photos in books, so I don't take them with a regular camera...although we are looking at getting a good camera before long. Phones can only do so much and eventually we're going to want to take shots from a distance!

  2. I like the idea of viewing it like I would a slideshow...that makes sense to me. That might be just what I need to break thru!


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