Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eight more weekdays..

TH has eight more school days left until summer break starts. I'll's weird to not be counting it down with all of the other teachers--I'm in this weird place where time isn't really time and every day is sorta the same.

That said--in eight more days, I get TH home with us every day until *gulp* we both go back to work in August. I'm looking forward to having another pair of hands for holding and diaper changes. And, I'm REALLY looking forward to the two of them getting the bonding time that LM and I have all day now.  LM is changing and growing at such an amazing rate right now and it's going to be a great summer together.

However....I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous about it all. We've got our little "routines" down during the day.  Things always get a little thrown off on the weekends when TH is home. LM and I play, hangout and in general, have our own way about things. It'll be weird having that all change....and I'm sure it'll mess with his nighttime sleep schedule. Of course, getting up every two hours like we did last night really can't get much worse :-) 

I'm sure it will be great for all three of us to be together....and I'm sure there will be days when I'm ready to wring TH's neck :-)


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