Friday, May 20, 2011

In Love!

That's right folks...I'm in love! With our new bouncy chair (oh..and my husband and baby too but that is a given I hope!).  We had a hand me down one that still vibrated and played music but none of the other features (bubbles etc) worked. LM didn't mind sitting in it--but that was all he would do...just sit in it.

BUT--then we had the lovely privilege of having a gift card to spend (yay family!) and decided that we wanted a better bouncy chair--to entertain LM better and to use with (possible) future children.  So, we set out researching (you know how much I love this part!) and settled on the FP Rainforest Bouncer.

OMG my lovely blog friends, this one blows away the other chair.  Not only is it soft and adorable, but it has all sorts of moving parts (a "waterfall", little animals that move up/down etc). BUT--the best feature is the ability to either have it a) light up/play music/do it's thing continuously or b) the lights/music etc can be activated by LM batting at the hanging toys. That's right--CAUSE and EFFECT folks! As a teacher, this thrills me. And it took no time at all for LM to figure it out--don't you love a toy that allows you to brag about your kid being smart!

LM loves it--he actually bats at the hanging toys, coos/laughs/smiles at the moving parts and is fixated by the "waterfall".  He even gets so excited he bounces himself! It makes me sad that we didn't have this the whole time...I love it! Anything that allows me to get a chance to accomplish a household task while he's otherwise occupied is a wonderful thing! I even reviewed it on the site we got it from--and I never get around to doing that.


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