Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey meet crib....

LM naps in his crib once a day (usually)'s all part of my big "plan" for a transition to crib sleeping at night.  But, TH and I have been talking about putting him in the crib when he falls asleep after his 8-9 feed. Usually after feeding sometime in this hour, he falls asleep after nursing instead of wanting to "play". Normally, he snuggles with us or in his swing during this time and then he eats one more time before heading up to sleep in our room.

But--since this fall asleep time has become more consistent, we figured he could sleep in his crib until we go to bed. But...last night he didn't wake up again until midnight. So, I fed him in his room and put him back down.  He slept there until 4, ate again and slept until 7.  Not exactly our best stretches but I suppose that's okay considering it's all new and different.

It was really hard to leave him in there last night. I missed hearing him breathe, grunt and stir right next to my head.  I had to just have faith he was breathing instead of being able to open my eyes and peek at him.  I probably slept worse than him!! But--it's a step in the right direction. He'll be 3 months old this week and I suppose the time has come to start with bedtime routines. I don't expect we'll perfect anything until he's closer to 4 months but hopefully it's all a step in the right direction to start STTN.

My little guy is growing up.


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