Sunday, July 3, 2011

The damages...

I thought since I bored you with what I took, I'd share with you what I actually used. Data and all.
  • 3 outfits per day---plus an extra couple outfits----so 15 outfits. That's two onesies and a romper per day give or take. We had a favorable spit up week and used only about 9 outfits.
  • 3 pair of shorts, two pair of pants We only used the shorts...too hot for the pants.
  • 5 onesies to sleep in We used 3 of the 5 onesies--the other nights he slept in the onesie he had on when he crashed
  • 2 sleepers in case needed Not needed
  • 2 overalls---long and short Not needed
  • 2 hoodies Not needed
  • 2 long-sleeved onesies Not needed
  • 4 pair of socks Used just one
  • 1 big blanket for the floor Worked out well!
  • 2 smaller snuggley blankets Big help for laying him on top of furniture/bed etc to play
  • 2 swaddle blankets Used 1 for naps
  • 1 swaddle sack Wished we had two...the first night he added a feeding and peed through it by the morning
  • 2 extra PNP sheets Used one extra plus the one already on it
  • PNP Obviously important as he slept in it nightly!
  • Playmat Didn't end up getting it out--I laid a blanket down and played with toys with him. It if had rained more, we probably would've got it out.
  • Swing (yes, the full-size one. It's a big cabin and LM takes at least one nap a day in it--plus, if all hell breaks loose, he can sleep in it at night) So glad we took it--it worked for a couple naps plus some baby dolls got to ride in it too.
  • 3 carriers--my Baby K'tan (swoon), Ergo and Baby B'jorn (for TH) These were lifesavers as where we went ended up being not very stroller friendly.  The Ergo ended up being a bit hot but TH carried him in the Bjorn quite a bit. And I used the K'tan to both carry him and soothe him the first night.
  • Diapers (lots) We went through 35-40 diapers of the ~60 we took.
  • Wipes (lots) We went through almost a 64 pack. I didn't touch the extra pack we took.
  • Mini baby shampoo, lotion and baby wash Body wash was used for a sponge bath.
  • Aquaphor We put this on some of his cute leg rolls when they got irritated from heat.
  • Nighttime books Our nighttime routine was changed up some so we didn't get to these.
  • Random toys (plus the ones on the playmat) I'm glad I took the toys--we used a lot of them but I could've left some. He's starting to drool/teeth so it helped that I brought some of his teething squishy ones.
  • Stroller Didn't use it as much as I thought.
  • Baby brush and nose sucker Didn't use
  • Baby monitor Lifesaver as the place we stayed had 3 stories and a hot tub :-)
  • Breast Pump Didn't end up needing it but obviously would take it again!
  • Milk storage bags Not needed
  • 4 bottles ( case I might have an extra glass of wine or leave him with my BIL/SIL for a bit) Again, didn't need them but necessary.
  • Diaper bag (of course) Never leave home without it
  • Every burp cloth we own We actually made it through the week with some leftover--yay less spit up!
  • All pacifiers We kept track of all of them! But LM developed quite a penchant for his fingers this week so we weren't even using them all.
  • Swimsuit, swim diaper Didn't end up using them.
    So, obviously, I overpacked. But--I felt good about not forgetting anything major.  The one thing I wish I had brought...our free/clear detergent for when I had to wash his Halo, sheet etc after that first night. The stuff provided was harsher than I would've liked so we used the sanitize option on the washer/dryer instead.


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