Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reality check

Why does it seem like that my dog is the one who is the only one who can talk some sense into me? More times than not, this little spoiled Yorkie-Poo has given me an attitude readjustment. I know how spoiled he is--we're the ones who did it to him :-) He loves LM a ton---especially when there's spit-up to lick up! Likewise, LM loves him as well---he cracks up watching the dog run around or play with his toys. He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue to accommodate the spit-up licking. But--he's a jealous little thing. He always brings toys for us to throw when we're playing with LM. He burrows in and snuggles on our laps when there's room for him on our laps when we're holding LM. He demands attention. This behavior reminds me to make room in my life for more than LM. Making time for him is something that helps balance out out lives. He is a jumping, barking, wiggling reminder to keep friends, family and TH in the loop. Today, I was at the end of my rope with the dog. The darling little furbaby was killing me with the incessant barking at non-existent sounds. His new-found love of freaking out when someone goes out the door--complete with barking and leg herding woke up LM TWICE. He was about to earn a visit to Cruella DeVille (just kidding, just kidding!). But then, after LM went down (early!!) and I took care of some laundry--the dog and I headed downstairs. But, as we went downstairs, he stopped at LM's door and whined. I let him in (thinking he had left a toy in there) and watched him walk up to the crib, hop up on his hind legs like a circus dog and look at LM sleeping. He hopped around like that for a couple seconds and then trotted back out the door and down the stairs. That's all it took for the frustration/anger etc to evaporate. His cute gesture of love for LM reminded me how simple love can be and even though he drives me crazy...our little spoiled dog loves our little monkey and for that, I can cut him some slack.

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  1. lucky dog, our dogs drive me NUTS.


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