Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Sunday....please don't go.

I'm having a case of the Monday's....and it's not even here yet. Perhaps it's all of the videos/news coverage/memories of 9/11.....combined with a football season kicking off without Peyton....combined with a baby that has developed a cough...and a diaper's just all combining to make me feel pretty down in the dumps. I just can't seem to psych myself up for the week's filled with meetings, extra responsibilities and random other stuff. The bright spot is Tuesday's 6mo checkup (timed perfectly or I'd be trying to decide whether LM needed to go in anyway). TH and I are both taking half-days even though his appt isn't until after school. We need a lunch date and want to pick up LM from daycare early to have some extra family time. I must must must focus on this...and the fact that I am making progress with a couple of my roughest's just hard to see right now. Normally, I can focus on these bright spots on Sundays and get myself excited for the week ahead. Today....not really. There's just too much negativity and worry in my head today. I shouldn't have watched news coverage today...seeing all of those children growing up without a parent always freaks me out. I want to just hold LM close and whisper promises that we're not going anywhere. Hearing about 3 year old victims just was too much. I will refocus. I will refocus. Now that I'm done whining here to you all lovely people who cheer me up just by your presence--I will go find something good to do.


  1. i am with you, all the news coverage was completely overwhelming.

  2. I somehow managed to avoid the tv all day and am thankful I did. I don't want that to sound bad, I remember the day and was thinking about it a lot, but I'm with you, it just gets a hold on me too much. I hope you've had a chance to recover a bit as the week has gone on and I hope that you're little man is feeling better! And thanks for the great suggestion about the strep test. I'm going to look into it!


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