Thursday, November 3, 2011

Death of a Swing

LM loves his swing. It has a mirror for him to laugh at. It has a mobile with animals he has been swatting at since his motions were more flails than intentional. He gets so excited to get in it---even craning his neck to lean towards it when he wants in. I love it because it plugs in :-)

It has rocked him to sleep---giving me precious time to run around like crazy to actually accomplish something during a short nap (or rather, sit and stare off into space tiredly). It has gotten us through his first colds---allowing him to sleep upright and getting us both some much needed sleep. It was the first place he slept longer than two hours at a time.

But--he's discovered hand-eye coordination and can down reach right up and grab those fun mobile animals...yanking at them in an effort to get them to his favorite place (his mouth!). We made the mobile stop but yet he kept at it--grabbing them and moving the mobile back and forth on his own (though backwards, making a horrible horrible noise). We wrapped the animals around a few times, shortening their strings. But---it is all to no avail. LM wants them and he is GOING TO HAVE THEM IN HIS MOUTH IF IT KILLS HIM....or rather the swing.

So, in an effort to save the swing that still looks brand new (minus the dried spit-up) and runs's joined the pile of "Where did my tiny baby go" things in the basement.

There's a gaping hole in my living room that makes me sad. Soon it will be filled with a Christmas tree but for now, it is a reminder that they grow so quick and leave behind the favorite things that we envisioned they would adore forever. I know it was harder for me to part with it than him. Time moves on and I'm focusing on just being glad that I can hold him in my arms. And I am SO grateful for that.

But--if this cold/cough doesn't go away....I might just end up sleeping on the basement floor next to the resurrected swing.

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  1. louise's swing was our savior, she slept in it until she was about 6 weeks old. you're so lucky that yours plugs in, ours was battery operated and we went through s LOT of batteries.


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