Friday, February 10, 2012


So...I'll say it here because saying it here means I'm not really saying it....just putting it out in cyber space.

I'm a tad bit late. It's all relative of course. For a late ovulater, I've had many (many) a long cycle (37-50 days normally). But, since things have gotten going again post-partum, I've been pretty much 35 days or under. In fact, they've gotten shorter and shorter until last month was 30 days--which hasn't been seen around these girlie parts since the birth control days.

Now today is only day 35 so it's not really late per se. And we only completed "the act" once this month due to a series of rotating illnesses, colds and general TH getting on my nerves. Well once when there is even a possibility of the window being open.

There are no signs that she's spotting, no acne ravaged face. I have been moody but hey, when haven't I been lately!

That said---there hasn't been signs that she's NOT coming either.

It's all in my head really. The odds of it happening like this are slim to none...and probably just publishing this will make her appear today at work.

I've got no plans to test. Just obbsess.

And now, I'm going to go pack some extra tampons in my work bag....because that's how life works.

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  1. Did she show? I've had this the last couple months too... Just like you I got regular after bug but now they are getting longer again. Boo.


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