Monday, March 5, 2012

On the day you were born....

Today is LM's birthday. I cannot, CANNOT believe he is one already.

 I'm not sure where they time went. It seems like just yesterday that we were headed to the hospital to have him. I'm not sure where the tiny, sleepy, breakable little baby that they let us take home went. He is a mover mover mover today...only stopping for snuggles and to bring me a book to read to him.

I cried a lot today. It's so hard to accept that he's been around so long....and I know how time will fly from here. The idea that he's not really a "baby" anymore (plus a baby on the way) just crushed me. I want him little and tiny forever. Plus--I hated leaving him to go to work today (luckily, I forgot the formula and had to make a special trip back to daycare on my morning break). Stupid leap year...if not for you, his birthday would've been yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday--we had a big party. Thirty of our closest relatives packed the house...and I do mean closest--there were another 20 of my aunts/uncles/cousins who are probably pissed at me for not inviting them. Boo hoo...a house can only hold so much and they never visit. Anyway. LM had a good time once he got over being shy. He was still recovering from his first high fever bout on Friday so he was a bit lethargic and uninterested in food. 

He tried his first cupcake. He thought it was odd (he hadn't had any sugar yet) and enjoyed playing in it more. However, he did get enough of the red frosting to break out in a rash all over his back/stomach and head from the red food dye (according to Dr. Brother-in Law). Let's hope he's right so that it's not something contagious and wrong at the same time since red dye is in EVERYTHING yummy :-)

I'll post pictures shortly...they're all living happily together on several cameras, cell phones and various other electronic devices.

Still can't believe year.  He crawls, laughs, tells me "all done" (amongst his other 6 words) and adores any kind of ball. He isn't weaned off the bottle and is so-so with table food. He still wakes me up most nights and struggles to go down to sleep unless I'm in the room. BUT--he's smart as a whip and lights up when he sees us....and I still can't believe he's mine to keep. Let alone been mine for a year.



  1. Happy birthday to your first born! It's cliche but they do grow up so fast! My baby will be one at the end if the month. Tear.

  2. happy birthday lm! it's hard and wonderful to see them grow and change so much so quickly. the transition from bottle to sippy was very easy for us, louise didn't even bat an eyelash, maybe lm will be the same?


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