Friday, March 9, 2012

One Year Check-Up

LM had his one year check up today----23lbs 14oz, 31 1/4 inches tall and 17 3/4 circumference (grow head grow!). Luckily, the doctor didn't seem concerned about his lingering cough (we're supposed to bring him in if it gets worse again and he's wheezing) or the red food dye reaction (just avoid it for awhile--though she did give me a tip on making red icing easier!). She was impressed with the words he can say and his lack of stranger anxiety. He took his shots like a champ and is napping now!

Or was, until I typed that.

We're supposed to work on upping his whole milk intake to 16oz a day...which means I need to get on dropping the afternoon bottle and hopefully that will help.  We're supposed to do one bottle at a time dropped and drop the others as we feel comfortable. But--she did suggest dropping his ounces down to 5 bottle since he really doesn't need the full 7 anymore. I love our doctor...she's totally non-judgmental...I never feel like I'm not "doing something right".


  1. i'm glad to hear it went well :)

  2. Our little guys are about the same size, though mine needs to bulk up a little yet. Same height, but G only weighs 21#10oz. I haven't started him on cows milk yet either. I can't believe how fast the first year has gone. Makes me want to cry! Congrats on the upcoming addition!!


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