Sunday, May 6, 2012

14 Months and 17 weeks

This will serve as a dual purpose post because...well....of course it's been well-proven that I'm a crappy updater :-)

LM is 14 months'd we get here SO quickly!!!?!!? He's still not "walking walking". He takes series of steps (6-7) and then either tips over from trying to go too quickly or gives up and goes back to crawling. Of course, as the video below shows, why walk when it's much quicker to crawl?

He's eating up a storm...still a HUGE fan of lunch meat (turkey, salami, ham), cheese and strawberries. He eats most fruits but adores strawberries. He's beginning to insist on trying more and more of our food so I think he's expanding his world :-)  He's FINALLY drinking enough milk--up to 24oz in a day! After our battle to get going, it's amazing what the right sippy (N.uby Grip n Sip) will do. It's messier than the no-spill ones but he love love loves it. He still has a morning bottle and bedtime bottle (5oz) but we're about to drop the morning bottle. There's three more weeks until summer break and I'd like this transition to occur at daycare so that it happens during a structured, routine situation that he's used to. Our weekends are much more lax (especially with him sleeping in and changing his nap schedule) so I know that we'll be worse in the summer! Dropping his post-lunchtime bottle was nearly drama-less and we did it at daycare so hopefully it'll be the same. I'm a big nervous because he's not a big breakfast eater but I know he gets enough milk and nutrients so the bottle is just extra. I DO NOT have plans to drop the bedtime bottle until I don't have to work during the summer. I know it'll affect his sleep and we're finally getting back on track so I'm not messing with sleep!!! We'll try more brave attempts once summer gets going and I'm "caught up" (haha, over a years worth) of sleep!

He's playing up a storm---loves his books still. He's starting to "read" them to himself but he LOVES to pull them over to me and climb in my lap to be read to when he's sleepy. He's started climbing chairs, the stove, ottomans, baby gates, stairs etc....and won't climb down the correct way...only head first! This child knows no fear!!!

He's still pretty verbal--adding hot, danger, some random daycare names, basketball, monkey and duck to his mix. He sings (gibberish), rolls it up and claps when he hears music. He also dances to music!

We're still fighting the skin issues too...eczema will be the death of me. We just can't seem to get it under control---we take get it to go away, just not stay away. I'm not sure what to do next...I just don't want to go to steroid creams. I tried a new lotion (Neo.sporin Eczema) and it helps some, but we're going through it pretty quick and it's expensive so I may try something new next (we've already done aqua.phor, aveeno, renew etc).

Well...there's not much time left for a PS update....naptime is almost over. I'm getting bigger...50/50 maternity pants/regular pants. Most of my shirts still fit though. I find out what we're having on the 16th....eeek!! Still no real feeling what we're having...I feel the same except for a tiny bit of acne and more headaches (though I haven't been as good with the water as the first time) so it's probably going to swing boy.


  1. Oh my gosh, the video, is SO CUTE!!! I love the way her crawls! Like he doesn't want to mess up his knees at all . I'm glad to hear that it sounds like things are going a little better too. You're in my thoughts!

  2. Yikes, I need to proofread. I love the way he crawls :)


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