Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The End.

If you're reading this after 3:30pm EST (US) then you can join me in being thrilled that I am officially on summer vacation!!!!

It's been a long school year...trying to figure out the balance between motherhood, wifehood and teacherhood. In reflection, I don't think I stood out at any of these things but did a good job at all...and I guess that's all I can ask for right now. There's been a lot of drama at work lately and I think a break from my colleagues (one in particular) is just what I need to recharge and refresh for next school year. Though, I think taking off 9+weeks will help me have a more positive outlook on the year...it'll go by much faster ;-)  Although, with next year, will come an added component of stress....I barely survived this year with one baby and half of next year will be spent with two (though maybe this one will sleep well, not climb on EVERYTHING and try to swan dive off while saying "nono" and perhaps not be covered in eczema and need steroid cream).

I hope to be a better blogger this summer....not that I'll get back to the everyday posts of maternity leave (somehow I don't think LM will go back to taking naps in his swing so I can blog....well, not without breaking the swing), but I'm going to try to be more regular in my posts. I've missed not being able to have this outlet whenever and however I've needed it.

Happy Summer!!!


  1. yay for you! enjoy your summer off! you will figure out the two baby thing, everyone does, right?

  2. Enjoy your summer! I am so jealous :) Good luck with keeping up on the blog....I know how tough it can be...heck, I am terrible at it, even though I have good intentions. I agree with you that it is a good outlet, one I need to give myself a little bit more often.

    So your little guy is in the climbing stage too huh. G just started climbing up on everything...thankfully there is no swan diving...yet :) I fear that his next conquest will be his crib. That boy has no fear!


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