Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's all about numbers

Before motherhood, my life was my life (basically). After LM arrived, I began to realize how my life was revolving around numbers--all kinds of numbers
  • Eating every two hours
  • Then, eating every three hours
  • Weight gain (him), weight loss (me)
  • Waking up every 3-4 hours all night long
  • When we switched to formula, the number of ounces, time between feeds and total bottles in a day.
  • The number of wet diapers in a day
  • The amount of ounces of whole milk in a day
  • The number of times he wakes up at night (STILL)
Then, it became almost solely focused around the number 2.
  • 2 lines on the pg test
  • 2 kids under 2
  • 2 carseats in a 2 small of a backseat
  • 2 cribs
  • 2 sets of diapers
  • 2 to give equal attention to
  • 2 kids to not screw up
And now, after today, I see that the number 3 is going to play a prominent role in in 3 lines.

That's's a girl :-)

I was shocked and surprised---totally convinced myself it was another boy. So now we'll have one of each. TH went grocery shopping while I did the daycare run and he came home with a cute little girl newborn outfit set. I'm hoping not having to "reuse" all the boy things (and getting to still have that new baby buying thrill) will help me feel more bonded with this pregnancy.

So now, we're rethinking names, looking at furniture and plowing ahead.


  1. Congratulations! You'll have a little girl to go with your little man. Have fun shopping!

  2. @Ordinary Girl
    Thanks! It was a big shock but it'll be fun to experience both genders!


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