Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear LM,

Dear LM,
Tonight we leave you in the capable arms of your grandparents. We'll put you to bed like always. You and I will have our book time, snuggles and songs. We'll talk about what day tomorrow is and what you'll be doing...just like always. You'll ask me about seeing everyone at daycare...rattling off your list of names (including the dog) that you're so excited to see.

But, when you wake up (hopefully, not in the middle of the night sweetie...sleep well for them) Mommy and Daddy won't be there to get you up. It will be strange and new...and hopefully you'll be a good little monkey and not refused to lay down on the changing table. This morning you clung to me like a monkey saying "no no" when I wanted to lay you down. You just wanted to snuggle...despite your soaking diaper.  You'll go off to daycare and spend your day the way you normally would.  You'll have fun and get extra snuggles from C because she knows how things are about to change.

When Grandma picks you up, you'll eat dinner and then come to the hospital to see how your life has changed.  You'll see Mommy and Daddy again...and I'll probably cry tears of joy at getting to see your face light up when you see us. But, you'll get to meet your little sister.  She'll be just like the baby at daycare, that you love and dote on, but she'll be coming home with us. She'll change the way our lives work...somedays you won't like it. But one day, you'll love having a sister.

A lot of things will'll always be my baby but you're our big boy now. There will be times you'll have to wait for the attention you need...wait for reading a book or for your milk from the fridge.  Other times, we may have to stop what we're doing because the baby needs something. But, you're still our numero uno. The little man who we tried so hard and long for...the one we thought we'd never have.  You'll be the star of the show, even when you have to share the spotlight. You are special and magical. You have the special job of teaching your sister how to be as amazing as you.

I know the next few days will be new, scary and probably a little rough. But--we're a family and we'll be there together. It may be scary to not see Mommy for a few days...but then we're home together every day until after Christmas. You'll be sick of us and be super excited those days you get to still go to daycare!

Just remember, that no matter what happens in our lives---I love you to the moon and back. You're my baby and you'll own my heart forever... no matter how many people you have to share it with.


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  1. very sweet, good luck, life is going to change but it's going to be a wonderful change :)


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