Friday, October 5, 2012

Eviction notice?

The last few days have been a bit...overwhelming to say the least.

At my OB appt on Wednesday pm, she shared with me that she would be out of town on a medical missions trip for a week (starting on my due date).  **Cue record scratch** WHAT!! Surely this is a conversation that we could've had earlier in the game??  However, I do get that she thought I would go early...and frankly, didn't have to tell me earlier.  However. HOW-EV-ER.

Anyway. She wanted me to think about whether I wanted to deliver with her sometime next week (either if PS comes on her own or schedule an induction) or if I wanted to deliver with whoever was on-call in the practice when she actually decides to come.  Stressful. Because we all know how much I am a SUPER decision maker--no wavering at all from lil ole me.

I told her I'd talk about with TH and call back.  In the time I had between when I talked to him and when I left the office, I let myself get excited about the idea of knowing when she was coming, being able to have a good plan in place for LM, getting to deliver with my OB etc. 

Then, I talked to TH. He freaked a bit (to put it mildly). Suddenly, (as men tend to be) he became an expert in all of the science and experiences of induction---finding only the risks, horror stories, c-section numbers etc when he researched online. I tried to explain to him that I'm already 2-2.5cm dilated, 50% effaced and PS is super low, it's not like the inductions where everything is still closed up like Ft. Kn.ox. 

Long story short, we went round and round about it. I ended up scheduling an appt on Monday to a)keep my weekly appt with my OB/cervical check etc and b) have a chance to talk more with her about the whole thing. 

I had resigned myself to the idea that I should let her come when she comes. But, the nagging little thing in the back of my head kept telling me how much I really wanted to deliver with my OB. I know her, trust her and when I'm a hot, drugged mess--I need to know that when she says we need to do X, I know she really means it. She's a straight shooter like that. When I delivered LM, she was out of town (he came a day early) and another doctor in the practice delivered him. It was fine--the nurses do most of the work until the end anyway. But--there was a moment when she said his heart rate was dropping with every contraction and we may need to use the vacuum or perhaps a c-section if he didn't start recovering. TH and I panicked because that wasn't what we were expecting to here at all. We chose to try giving me more O2 to see if that would help things---and it did, all other things were averted. However, it's always bothered me that if push had come to shove (no pun intended), I didn't really know her to know whether she was a quick to intervention/c-section doctor or only rec'd them at the last resort. But--I do know my OB and know her style. And I wouldn't have to question her.

So--today I called in and scheduled an induction for this coming Thursday (10-11-12). Squee! I'm just waiting to here back from the OB office that it is confirmed with the hospital (it's a popular date). Now, I'm not willing to do Friday since the idea of labor going long enough that my OB has to leave and not deliver her anyway would defeat the purpose. Wednesday seems a bit early to me (3 days before my edd). SO--if it won't work then, I'll take it as a sign that we wait for her to come as she pleases.

Until then...we wait for the phone call, wait to see if labor starts on its own (my goal is to do a lot of walking this week), waiting for our little pumpkin seed to arrive. 


  1. that's a tough decision. due to the way my ob's office rotates on-call doctors, i ended up with someone other than my doctor, and it wasn't even a doctor, it was a midwife. that's not to say that i don't think midwives are perfectly capable of delivering babies and doing all other things needed of them, but i think you should be able to choose if you want a doctor or a midwife, and i thought we had chosen doctor. louise's delivery ended up being kind of a nightmare, and i know a lot of it could have been averted if i had had MY doctor there, the one who had goen through my whole pregnancy with all it's complications and knew exactly what was going on with me. anyway, i'm sure you and your husband will talk it out and make the decision that's right for you and your family, good luck!

  2. I know you'll make the right decision for you but wanted to simply share that the nearly 7 month old trying to crawl over me as I type this was induced & it went very well. Getting going took a while but I wasn't as far along in terms of effacement etc but wanted to wish you well!


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