Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's on like Donkey Kong!

We're officially scheduled for Wednesday night! My OB was kind enough to push back the normal start time until 8 so we could put LM to bed before going to the hospital. I wanted one more normal night with him. Then, Grandma will be there to get him up in the morning, take him to daycare and keep him on his regular routine for the day so that he can come visit (hopefully) his little sister after dinner!

Super excited. Super nervous. Super anxious.

My OB is hoping that I'll be having enough ctrx by then that we can skip pitocin off the start and just break my water. I'm feeling off and crampy today so maybe it's the start of something on it's own...or at least helping the process along naturally! But, I'm imagining we'll have to start the pitocin anyway.

Not sure where the next few days will take us...but here we go!

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  1. WAHOO! Look out world, here she comes! ;) I can't wait to hear the whole story and see pictures and look at me jumping ahead!

    ~~~~~Here's to an easy labor!~~~~~


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