Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trying to be happier

I know I was negative last night...and I'm trying to look at the bright side of things.

Both of my babies are amazing.

LM amazes me daily with what he says and thinks.  He has figured out how to attach meaning to his words.  He associates things with himself..."Little Monkey's coat/shoes/monkey" etc and other people "Mama boots/chair/book" etc.  Just tonight he handed me one of his puzzle pieces (a cow) and held out the puzzle piece he held (another cow) and said "Mama cow. LM cow too".  Too?? When did he learn to use the word too appropriately??  He tells me all about his day at bedtime. He sings nursery rhymes, the alphabet and counts to 10 (mostly). He recognizes and finds eight different shapes all around him.  He loves his books and will sit and "read" them to me while I'm changing PS's diaper.  Every day is a new and special experience with him...even if he is still aggressive at daycare! He'll be two (2!!!!!) in just over a month.  Where did the time go?

PS is growing and changing like crazy.  She smiles and coos like a fiend.  In the car on the way to daycare in the morning, she coos/talks along with LM as he sings to his music.  It's adorable.  She's got great head control and tries to roll to her side when she's on her back. She's happy to grab at her toys and bat at things. She loves her fingers and sucks on them all the time. At daycare, apparently she's using them to self-soothe to fall asleep but not at home yet.  She turns her eyes/head towards our voices and cracks a great big grin when we come into visual range.  She smiles at her brother and is a tough little cookie that doesn't cry as much when he bonks her.  You can almost see it in her eyes that she can't wait to be able to bonk him back. She loves to snuggle with me and only wants TH or I in the evening after daycare (my poor SIL just wanted to snuggle her one evening and she wasn't having it!).  We've had better luck at getting her to sleep longer stretches when I get her bedtime bottle in her before eight and get her down shortly after.  Tonight she was down for the evening at 730....which makes me sad. I just want to hold her while she sleeps..but I know it's better for her.  She's been waking up 1-2x a night--usually between 12-1 and 3-5.  I know we'll get to one time a night soon...she's already a better sleep than LM was at this age.  She's got this amazing personality that I'm loving watching emerge.

I'm happy with my hard as it seems some days.  I just need to keep it in focus.


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